Stress Management

Stress has many implications in a variety of different ailments. It can have an influence on anxiety, depression, flare-ups of asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, IBS and digestive or gastro-intestinal problems. This is aside from the emotional effects that can prevent you from enjoying life and loved ones to the full.

At Kokoro Clinic we can help you manage the effects of stress on your body. We can provide you with some tools and techniques that will minimise its effects both emotionally and physically.

In addition, it is possible to arrange workshops or one-to-one consultations for employers who wish to provide a positive workplace environment for themselves and their staff. This can be tailored to suit each business and can lead to increased productivity, less absenteeism and the ability to retain staff and provide a happier and healthier workplace where employees feel valued, appreciated and that their health and well-being is important.

To make an appointment with Colin for help with Stress Management please phone 045-909777 or 085-7707493 or email   Appointments are available Monday to Friday.  Employer workshops can be arranged in hourly, daily or weekly slots according to your needs.  Please contact Colin to discuss in more detail.